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Hacienda Casa Blanca of El Cajon is more than fine Mexican

‘Located at 700 N. Johnson Avein El Cajon, the Hacienda waits to give you a ride to a different experience.  BazaarDelMundo comes to mind when looking at this establishment.  Bright colors draw your energy up and out for great anticipation of nothing short of good tropical food, served with friendship and a desire to want you back for your next dining experience.’  This is how I started the piece I did for a restaurant review.  This piece, the one you’re ready now, is designed for my sports bar readers.


I am telling you that this same place that puts on a fine show for a good Mexican food lunch or dinner also is nothing short of excellent for their sports bar.  Cloistered away on the south end of the restaurant is a sports bar with all its trappings.  TVs every few feet hung for viewing pleasure.  Plenty of beer and margaritas await you for your viewing pleasure.  And they offer both a nice buffet and Mexican food off the menu.  Check out the menu ( ).



It is cloistered away in a humble looking strip mall west ofParkwayPlazaso it’s easy to not see it at all.  Once you park in their lot and approach the front door, you’ll see a nice patio with the hint of the colors inside and the flora of a jungle ushering you inside.




Go up the stairs and on the south side of the Hacienda you’ll find the bar. I will suggest the brunch, distributed around an inside terrarium, with colorful blankets draped 10 feet above the diners.  All the food on the buffet line looks inviting, and on this particular Sunday they included the champagne with my brunch.  It was outstanding.  My timing was impeccable as I caught the trays as they first emerged from the kitchen.  Pay attention to servers, if you’re planning on watching the game.  You’ll have plenty of time to graze all day if you’re watching the game and enjoying the beer.  Get your food from the fresh pans of food because it’s outstanding when you do.


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