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You don’t need to buy Julian Pies from Julian CA when you can get Apple Alley Pies

Apple Alley Bakery is just another typical bakery, IN JULIAN California!  Located at2122 Main St. inJulian,CA is where the subject of my salivary interests is found for today’s report.


Julian CA is where you’ll find:  A San Diego gold mine;  San Diego snow for City Dwellers to play in;  Apples to buy in baskets;  And Apple Pies of course!  ‘Where do you get your apple pies in Julian?’  ‘From Julian Pie Company, right?’


That’s what I’d thought for years.  Due to the omnipresence of Julian Pies inEastCountygrocery stores, I just figured that’s the place for Julian pie.  In fact I figured it was located at2119 Main St.  That address belongs to Mom’s Pie House.  Julian Pie Co bakes pies in Santa Ysabel not Julian.


Go to Julian California and you’ll see that Julian Pie Co. isn’t even the main presence in this downtown Mecca of PIES.  There’s Mom’s Pie House; Julian Pie Co.; And Apple Alley Bakery, just across the street from Mom’s.  Apple Alley Bakery was recommended by a friendly Julian pedestrian who immerged from Mom’s with a mission to get somewhere other than Mom’s, and when asked, ‘Where’s the best pie in Julian?’ she shrugged and said ‘… either Mom’s or Apple Alley… they’re about the same.’


I’d been curious about the tiny outlet across from Mom’s for years and with this trip I quenched the curiosity.   It is a small eatery indeed.  They host only a few tables inside and fewer out in their tiny patio.  You can feed a hungry crew for lunch and dinner no problem.  They do nice looking sandwiches, soups and of course cookies, pies and much more but I went for the pie.


I bought an apple crumb pie, oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies a peanut butter and a pumpkin cookie and we departed with pie in hand for later that night.  They use Granny Smith apples for the pie and I wondered if it would be sweet.  They must use plenty of sugar because it was just right.  Funny though, that day, baked fresh from the oven, I wasn’t impressed.  It was the next day that my taste buds sang out in high praise for Apple Alley’s Apple Crumb Pie.  It melded together well and made my low blood sugar rise to the occasion.  As for my overall rating of Apple Alley’s pies, I give them 4 out of 5 thumbs ups.





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