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Bob’s Big Boy more than a blast from my past

937 Parkway Plz. in El Cajonis where you’ll find the Westfield Mall along with the big Wal-Mart anchor and Bob’s Big Boy.  I’m talking a blast from my past here, fromL.A. days,  The trouble is I don’t remember much of the food but I can remember the ICONIC Bob out in front.


Today, my favorite eating out meal is breakfast.  One may contest that it doesn’t matter where I eat because breakfast is easy to make.  Not so!  Pancakes can be less than flavorful and light.  Waffles can be undercooked and tasting doughy.  Eggs can be delivered with the whites still showing raw protein waiting to bring on the pain.  Not so at Bob’s Big Boy inEl Cajon.  I’ve eaten here many times and have never been disappointed for breakfast.


In addition to the food being well prepared each time I’ve been here, I must say the staff has never been less than professional, courteous, and friendly.  The restaurant itself has always been clean, bright and cheerful.  And if you’re shopping, I mean come on… the Mall is right there!


As long as I’m talking breakfast, they’ve got a huge menu.  I like the seniors menu as they offer nice sized portions.  If you’ve got a bigger appetite they’ll take care of that too.  They do it all, breakfast, lunch and dinner plus you could do just appetizers anytime… Christian, my grandson likes the chicken strips.


I ate here for lunch once, with Christian and had to try the classic double cheeseburger.  I think I didn’t like it then because I preferred Jack in the Box at the time.  Now that I’m older, well I guess it’s the commercials because I still enjoy Jack’s.  I later tried the Big Blue Cheese and was very pleased with my lunch at that time. I was also surprised by the Ruben sandwich which was very tasty.


The bottom line here is I’d go back to Bob’s Big Boy anytime when I’m inEl Cajonand hungry.  I prefer the breakfast to the lunch but that’s just me.  You won’t find better service than at this location.  And the price is fair market pricing.

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