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Anyone can see Open Bar is an open book, show me the next…

In the recent past I’ve contemplated the essence of Sports Bars P.B. party capitol of the world right? Try The Tavern in general and in Pacific Beach in particular,  now I’ll take you into OPEN BAR… which is found onMission Blvd at 4302 for your approval.


Bottom line to Open Bar is it’s a neighborhood dive bar.  If you’re from the neighborhood and love to drink with friends, then this could become your hangout.


There’s no game because it’s Friday.  Nothing’s  on the tube yet here I am.  PacificBeachis always nice, but when looking for a sports bar the consumer wants a few criteria met if they are to exchange dollars for satisfaction.  As a stranger to this bar, I need to simply apply the rules of engagement, like if there’s a big bouncer at the door and they want a $5.00 cover charge, don’t go in.  If it takes 5 minutes to see anything upon entering, reconsider your choices.


I look for a pleasant place to spend time.  That means if I suck in a deep breath of air I hold it in before I exhale to allow the aroma time to imprint on my memory.  It is pleasing to me.  I listen and am happy with sounds beating on my ear drums.  Charmed when the staff greets me.  I’m ready for whatever comes when they invite me into their world and am ready to do business with this sports bar.


The beers aren’t free at the Open Bar and the Makers Marks are too pricey to pound them down like water in the desert.  I hate using the head when it stinks, as this one did.   I’m not for holding my breath for memory imprints here.


The staff is friendly enough.  They didn’t wrap me in warmth but they didn’t make me want to bail out either.  Maybe one beer and a burger?


Don’t come here looking for good pub grub… it’s never here.  There’s a hotdog dude selling dogs, but I’m not a hotdog kind of guy (unless we’re at Petco and my Pads are winning).  They also offer a good bowl of ‘free’ chili… and that was good enough, but not worth the miles I’d have to spend to get here.


So the best thing I’ll say about Open Bar is it’s close to other BARS just around the corner.



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