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El Cajon does Texas BBQ like nobodies business Wrangler style

Texasstyle BBQ is what it is but at the Wrangler Family Barbecue, you can count on it being good always ( ) provided you like Texas BBQ.


After nearly 50 years in business at the same spot, I guess it figures that they’ve learned what people like, and that’s what they produce.  They are located at901 El Cajon Blvd.inEl Cajon.  They ‘specialize in beef, ham, and spareribs and have perfected the fine art of classic family barbecue.  We offer complete catering and take out services.’


The signs around suggest it’s a pit style BBQ, which by definition means low heat cooked over long periods of time, literally in a pit of some sort.  This would produce meat that falls off the bone.  It should be tender and juicy.


Barbeque sauces, in this country are belonging to one of four types:  The oldest known is from the south and is a vinegar and pepper concoction.  The next adds a mustard base, which is also southern in roots.  The third type is found with vinegar, pepper and tomato ketchup added.  The fourth type has a heavy tomato component.  It tends to be sweeter than the other three.


Vinegar, pepper and ketchup with tanginess is most often associated with Texas BBQ. Texascomes with 4 styles of BBQ.  East Texas style is essentially Southern barbecue and is also found in many urban areas; Central Texas which originated in the butcher shops of German and Czech immigrants to the region; West Texas involves direct cooking over mesquite and uses goat and mutton as well as beef; and South Texas where the head of a cow is cooked (originally underground).  Depending on which part ofTexasyou’re from, you’ll enjoy the meats cooked low and slow and in the case of Wrangler’s BBQ, we’re talking cooked without a sauce which is served on the side.


The bottom line to this piece is, The Wrangler does good BBQ.  I’ll eat there anytime and I’m nearly ready now.   

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