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Joao’s Tin Fish Bar and Eatery is good enough to eat

The Tin Fish is to San Diegowhat Cannery Row is to Monterey.   In memory of Italian and Portuguese fishermen who encompassed San Diegowith distinct flavor and flare, resulting in a better place for us all… Joao’s Tin Fish Bar and Eatery, located at2750 Dewey Rd. in Liberty Station provides a fine spot for eating the best of Portuguese ocean distinctions.


Rubio’s is usually considered the father ofSan Diego’s ‘fish taco industry’ but the Tin Fish is award winning fish tacos at there best!  Given their proximity of the Downtown Tin Fish to Petco, it is little wonder a patron is welcomed inside the restaurant for sports fellowship.


The bar hosts several flat screens along the walls and gives rise to their Portuguese heritage with a large selection of wines from Portugal and of course they offer many other varieties, a full bar and a large enough collection of beers to keep me happy on game day (


Prices are hot for happy hour fare… that’s food and drink.  The time for getting happy runs from 3-6 Mon-Fri and 4 till closing on Sundays.  They do breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.  There is way ample parking.  They offer patio dinning with a perfect view of commercial jets overhead on their way to 30k feet.  It’s good they’ve gotten so quiet with their jet engines for us outdoor types.


I personally have had no trouble with service from Liberty Station, but there have been hints that servers can be a bit slow at this location.  I’ve also heard that it can be a hard place to find but again that’s a one time event so given it’s not that hard I say go for it at Joao’s Tin Fish Bar and Eatery.  They are just a stone throw from the Corvette Diner.


If I were to rate this spot for food, it would be four thumbs up and for atmosphere I’d go 4 out of 5 just because there’s always room for improvement on any given Sunday.


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