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What good’s a sports bar is the question to the answer Sandbar in M.B. a good spot for the new year

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What’s in a ‘sports bar’ to make it a sports bar?  Cool friends; Good food; Good drink; Good service; Friendly atmosphere; Makes you feel glad you were there after it’s over.  And this is my findings for theSandbarMissionBeach.


There it rests just across the street from the MB Coaster.  Only a few feet from thePacific Oceanis where it is, specific known address is718VenturaPl.M.B.CA.  No matter the season, it is ready to rock your world.


Monday: karaoke

Tuesday: tied up Tuesday

Wednesday: beer pong tourneys

Thursday: college night

Friday: beer and a shot for $5

Saturday: party night

Sunday: game day! (Football season)… so says Emily when asked what’s doing at the Sandbar?  Emily knows the doings even though she’s from out of state because that’s the kind of place the Sandbar is.


This is no Yard House in terms of beers on tap, but they do okay for my simple buds.  The food is the right ticket though.  They have great appetizers, and the fish tacos of the Mahi Mahi strain is well worth gas money to get me there.


Their hours are 9 – 2 daily and so because of the early start to the day; they do a killer breakfast menu.  I’m talking a full menu not just an egg wrap or egg mcbreakfast here.  I was there at 2:00 p.m. so I didn’t do the breakfast foods but the menu looks good.


The staff there is great!  Very friendly servers, bouncers, cooks, and tenders seem compelled to make you feel welcome.  I’m not from the beach but anytime I make it back I’ll try to stop in to see my new friends.  The TVs are plentiful and ready for MLB which is just around to corner right?


I’ve just got to say it… You’ve got to go to the Sandbar M.B. and give it a try!

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