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Not just another kind of food pairing here

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What is there to do? ( Plenty if you are inSan Diego.  What blows me away though is how many things there are to do for free inSan Diego.


You know how foodies love to give pairings?  Wines and food types which go well together are on display at their events. Then came beers and food types.  I’m giving you another pairing, good eateries and things to do pairings…


Check out the link above.  You’ll find BalboaParkis yours for the asking.  And you’ll find plenty of things to do in the park are free ( . You’ve just got to get yourself out and to the park to enjoy this city to the fullest.


As for this food pairing, within easy drive or bike distance is Anthony’s Fishette.  After a day at the park, just head downLaurel to Harbor and next to the Star of India you’ll find the Fishette.  For the record it is located at1360 Harbor Dr.  I became an avid Fishette fan when they held court near Seaport Village, just north of the Village were a hand full of shops which included the Fishette. I have been eating here for decades and it is one of the most consistently good restaurants inSan Diego.  I don’t remember eating a bad ‘shrimp-boat’ so named when they were bySeaportVillage because they’d developed plastic boat bodies which served as plates for their classic fried shrimps with a fork as a mast and napkin as a sail, and the flavor was gorgeous.  Now we must settle for just plates but the food is wonderful.


I can heartily recommend the New England Clam Chowder; Shrimp and Crab Cocktails; Hand battered fish tacos; Classic Hand Battered… fish, shrimp, etc. all coming with a choice of :  White Rice, Black Beans, Krab & Mac Salad, Cole Slaw, or French Fries; and the fish of the day is always same day fresh and oh so good.  I also do recommend the house wines.  I prefer the classic white wine.


I can also recommend a heart healthy, free walk on the Embarcadero before or after Anthony’s Fishette which may be all for around $10.00 and the beautiful view is also free for the taking.  Good fishing!

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