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A rose by any other name would be a Dirty Bird

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It is said that competition will keep capitalists righteous and above board.  That could be proven by virtue of the fact that Dirty Birds has the best… due to the number of options within easy walking distance.


The block which hosts D.B. P.B. also offers Mad Dogs Cafe, across the street you may dine at Taco Surf, or Amore NY Pizzeria.  All of the competition is rated 4 of 5 thumbs ups so Dirty Birds mustprovide good food to survive.  The competitors go on and on all down the boulevard toSouthMissionBeach so power to the people and the right to choose.


At Dirty Birds, you’ve got plenty of righteous choices.  Check out the menu because they do have lots to choose from including the famous wings and sauces just for your enjoyment.  The burgers were my passion on this day.  It was hard to decide but I went with the BLUEPRINT BURGER ~ $9.99 stuffed with bleu cheese crumbles, topped with sautéed mushrooms & bleu cheese dressing.  Very good indeed!


D.B. P.B. is an awesome club.  It makes me wish I lived in the hood and had 40 years back to spend with the crowd which was very friendly to me when I visited.  I like the management of this club.  They organize group outings (Go Chargers – wait till next year) to local sports action.


As of right now it’s time to get your basketball/hockey passion on and your compassion for your best beach attitude and live with Dirty Birds.  The service is good.  The food is great!  The prices are fair.  What’s more the competition is tough so keep up the good work D.B. 

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