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The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina might want to retool soon?

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On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina puts out a nice TV commercial, but not so much  service nor food.  I’m at103 Fletcher Pkwytrying to enjoy the meal I watched on TV with the joy they designed it to elicit and slowly felt only steam beginning to bubble up with regard to, attention to details.

Nancy and I stood at the host’s podium near the entrance of the restaurant looking forward to a wonderful dining experience, just like the commercial suggested we’d have, and maybe 90 seconds passed before a Border’s employee took note of us standing at the podium, where we were apparently wondering what this building was for.

I never did figure out which job that employee filled.  They were far away when they made eye contact with us so maybe they weren’t looking at us at all but rather they were occupied with the glass in the door behind us.  Was it dirty?  Did it need washing?

I kid you not; we stood by that podium for a minimum of 4-5 minutes, that’s 2-3 minutes after employee X spotted us waiting for joy, before a hostess acknowledged us.  That cooing ‘Good afternoon’ emanating from her mouth just wasn’t soothing at all by the time we were greeted by a representative of On the Border.

This treatment of potential customers would leave one to consider going across the parking lot to Applebee’s (Applebee’s, just another typical chain?) for lunch.  I simply am too much the optimist to think ill of the Border personnel, at this point.  Maybe the hostess was just informed that her test results from the doctor were positive and she was momentarily distracted?

The interior of the restaurant was nice enough and clean enough but…  We were given to a server for service maybe 5-6 minutes later and asked if we’d like to start off with drinks.  I should have just ordered two enchilada combos to get this experience done.

Tea and lemonade came out after another 5-6 minutes passed followed by another 5 minute interlude of piped in music which had gone flat long ago but alas drinks were had by all!

I didn’t put the stop watch to any of this experience, but I’d gauge it to have been 20 minutes after arrival we were blessed with an opportunity to order food.  I did take the enchilada combo whileNancytook the taco combo and so about 20 minutes later we were blessed with two combos, with warm beans, rice and entrees.

The food wasn’t very good.  The service was terrible. The atmosphere would be nice if they thawed it out just a little bit longer.  I doubt we will be back in any time soon.  At least I’d say not until we’ve got plenty of time to kill.


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