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One step forward two steps back and you’re at Bare Back Bar & Grill

I am working my way north on my hunt for great sports bars.  What I’ve decided to look for is a solid sports package with plenty of TVs for viewing the game, but more I want a place where it’s not such a dive bar.  I’ve been getting a bit woozy after looking for redeeming aspects of some neighborhood bars and finding only a spot for the neighborhood with a smelly head.


I want a place to go even if I live in theFar East. Even if you live in Descanso or Guatay it’s worth the miles getting to this ideal sports bar. I found such a spot at4640 Mission Blvd.inPacificBeach.  Bare Back Bar and Grill does it all.  I’m saying it is worth the long drive for the beach, the smell of salt air, the food, and the atmosphere of Bare Back is a place where you can spend the entire day and you’ll feel spiritually and physically satisfied.


The Bare Back Grill has some roots inNew Zealand, given the owners were there and really liked it.  They so enjoyed the taste that they packaged it in their minds and brought it home to us for our enjoyment.


The food borders on healthy not just because vegans love it, they don’t because it’s real meat but the meats are fed organic food keeping them on the side of the fence where the grass is greener at all times.  The food is prepared as the NZ originals were, with the actual recipes bought and paid for by the owners of Bare Back.  You may dine in and not feel like a stop off at the ER is in order.


Prices are more than fair.  You can live out of this place and not need to be a brain surgeon to afford it.  I did a BLT when I was there after consuming too many burgers around town for too many days in a row and at about $8.00, it was very good.  They do offer other options like Tilapia sandwiches and maybe I should have tried that because I saw one pass me by on the arms of a lovely server and it looked great!


Here’s the bottom line, I recommend this place for a nice day trip.  If you’re staying for the night game it could be the all day trip and I am sure you’ll love the experience.

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