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Hinotez Kitchen on Kearny Mesa does the job

Differences between Japanese and Chinese cuisine are subtle?  Chinese use longer chopsticks?  This seems like a joke, but it is true.  Chinese tend to serve communal bowls in the center of the table; therefore longer chopsticks will reach that best piece of meat from your seat.


Differences are more than the length of your chopsticks.  Japanese tend to offer everyone a bowl of rice.  Also sushi, miso soup and tempura plus rice, tofu and seafood are staples. The recipes are divided into two primary regional variations. Kanto uses strong flavoring and Kansai is mildly seasoned. Japanese soy sauces include wheat and are sweeter than those from China.  I wonder, do Japanese suffer chopstick envy?

Miso soup is a mixture of dashi and miso with tofu and vegetables added. All authentic Japanese soups have dashi as their base and may contain seafood, pork, tofu or seaweed. Look for rice or noodles with your meal. It may take the form of white rice, a mixture of white and brown rice and even barley and white rice. Authentic Japanese noodles like Soba, Udon and Somen are served cold with a dipping sauce.


A tip for readers who’ve fallen asleep here, I am doing a restaurant review but because my son just moved to Tierrasanta I know I’ll be eating on the mesa for the next year and they have the best Asian food around!  I am trying to educate myself as I try different Asian restaurants over the upcoming year.  I’ll try passing on the subtle differences to you.


Hinotez Kitchen is located at7947 Balboa Ave.  The interior of the restaurant feels Japanese.  Nancy and I were seated and offered drinks.  I want to absorb the flavor so I asked what they recommend.  I loved the Sencha tea.  With a delicate sweetness, gentle astringency and floral green aroma I find now I’m shopping teas at the stores trying to match the taste I so enjoyed at Hinotez Kitchen.


I had spicy miso soup.  It had just the right blend of spice to flavor the dark broth but not overpower it.  The noodles were perfect and my short chopsticks were perfect for the job. Nancyhad Chicken Teriyaki with service on a lunch tray.  Her salad was simple but the dressing was wonderful.  The chicken was delicate and not in the least greasy.


I would give Hinotez Kitchen a solid 4 out of 5 chopsticks.  Service was excellent and prices were very good.

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