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Alpine’s Viejas Casino does hamburgers ‘upscale’ at Hamburger Hamlet

Way back in 2011 I ate at Hamburger Hamlet, which went in at the Viejas Casino in Alpine Hamburger Hamlet may be your kind of burg soon.  I had one of their hamburgers with a side of seasoned fries and it was all good!  Here we are in 2012 and took up the task of breakfast at the Hamlet.


Without going to the link above to read the review on that experience back in 2011, I must say the interior of the restaurant is a bit upscale.  Overall the general layout is as it was when this same space was Daisy’s.   The finish is very well done with nice décor throughout.


They do breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Hamlet and Nancy and I went in for breakfast, which I’d expected to pay a little more for than were we to go to IHop for the same meal.  But no! Nancydid the French toast combo and I did the Belgian waffle combo.  The meals were served on nice platters and the amount of food on top of the platters filled each to capacity, yet the prices were less than most other local restaurants.


I found the eggs done to perfection.  I asked for one strip of bacon crispy and one sausage link but received two bacon slices done to perfection and with a great maple flavor.  The sausage link was also good.  The waffles were outstanding and I found that even the orange slice was very good.  Based on these facts I decided to even try the parsley.  It was eatable so I ate it too. Nancy’s platter came with eggs done just right, and a huge slab of ham which was quite good.  Her other breakfast components were outstanding as were mine.


Our server was as good as they come and our coffee was always full.  The coffee was an Italian blend and it was very good.  I can’t wait to try the dinner menu and I suspect I’ll post my experience here in the near future.


The bottom line here is, if you want to feel like a winner, go to the Hamburger Hamlet at Viejas Casino because this is a winning ticket for sure.  Check out their web site

( for the story.     


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