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True North just another comic or a fine sports bar?

3815 30th Street is where you’ll find ‘… a casual and laid back neighborhood bar offering a unique atmosphere and experience with something for everyone. Just offNorth Park’s bustlingUniversity Avenue, it’s the ideal place for social gatherings and special events, with even the sports connoisseur in mind.


Here you will find great drinks and great people surrounded by eye-catching visuals of music videos, the daily sports action and even a classic movie or two. At night, expect to find a packed house with DJs spinning funk, 80s, urban beats and billboard favorites. Drop in and experience our friendly, genuine and service-oriented staff.

We offer:

  • Two Full-Service Bars
  • Two outdoor patios
  • Pool Tables
  • 25 HD Widescreen TVs
  • All Major Satellite Packages
  • DJs & Live Music

Hours of Operation:

Hours of Operation:
M-Friday (noon – 2am); Sat-Sun (11am – 2am)’


That, right from the horse’s mouth and it’s all true.  True North Tavern

( ) is all that and more.  There is a deep rich texture to this place.  I feel the cut above most sports bars just by walking inside the front door.


I found the service in the place was extremely good.  I liked that a few patrons sported my grey hair color yet the young squirts pushing 40 weren’t flaunting their youth and were all very friendly, even the barley 20 some things that wore their pants right at sub-butt level completely in Vogue style, were inviting.  It’s an inviting spot and they are really promoting the mystery of WHO’S GOING TO THIS YEARS SUPERBOWL?


I won’t say this place has negatives but the food, may be suspect.  I ate a Juicy Lucy Burger but nearly didn’t.  It was toast.  Overdone to the max.  Locals swear by the tater tots and tell me they had a rookie line cook who just gets brain tied occasionally and suggested I try again Sunday.  They do have salads just to get away from a grill challenged cook but I’ll try one more time with a Burner Burger because I love the heat of peppers.


They do have a nice array of TVs for game time and they do seem to generate enthusiasm for sports so this may be my choice for the game come this weekend. Nice place to visit for sure, but I am told they develop big crowds for the big games so?


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