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Hamburger Hamlet goes XP that’s a great burger on the cheap!

Go to 5005 Willows Alpine.  Find the center of the Viejas Outlet Mall, where the free night time shows with water jets are and you’ll find the newest in the battle of Great BOYGAS in this county are grilled to perfection.  There you’ll see Hamburger Hamlet XP.  I’m not talking about the Hamlet inside the Casino, but the one at the Outlet Mall, near KFC.


While the Hamlet inside boasts such delights as Meatloaf sandwiches, and Chicken sandwiches this XP is by design strictly burgers.  They do a Basic Combo Deal (Burger, Fries, and Drink) for $7.29 every day.  They also offerTurkeyor Veggie Burger combos too.  You may ‘trade up’ to double patties, recommended spiced fries (mesquite or garlic), or upgrade drinks from soda to shakes all upscale offerings are reasonably priced.  You may also buy a salad from three choices: Chicken Caesar Salad; Mediterranean Salad; or Rustic Field Greens all under $6.50.  Their LFO (Little Fried Onions) are very tasty at $2.88 so as you see the prices at the XP may put Fred’s (a boyga joint in downtown Alpine) out of business soon.


I’ve dined at the Hamburger Hamlet twice since they opened in November 2011 and I tell you the food has been: in the hunt for the best burger joint in San Diego County.  The seasonings on the burgers make for a party in your mouth that is memorable and that’s in a good way by design… but the point is, it’s the same supplier for both the Hamlet in the Casino and the XP in the Outlet Mall, so you’re getting upscale food at Fred’s prices.


The other added bonus of a day trip to Viejas Casino and Outlet Mall besides the food at the Hamlets is the pleasant environment of Viejas itself.  They have over 39 stores, over 10 eateries to choose from.  And the Viejas Meadow is a tranquil spot for a day trip unto itself.  Alpine offers historic buildings ( )  such as the County’s first female doctors’ home and office for your viewing pleasure.   

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