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Excalibur, the name alone brings out the masculine beast

As a kid growing up inNational City, where my Grandmother, Grandfather, Father and Mother were all born before me, I tagged along with my father when he visited ‘old friends’ from his high school days.  One friend loved clocks and good cigars and an occasional pipe.  I loved the differences in that home with the ticking of clocks on the walls, and the pipe and cigar paraphernalia parked near Don’s easy chair.  Don would be smoking a cigar and though I may not have loved the experience of second hand smoke on my 7 year old lungs, I did enjoy the atmosphere in that old house.  The smell of cherry tobacco did appeal.


The only other contact I had with cigars was, after getting caught smoking cigarettes; my Father had a surprise for my brother and me that afternoon.  Home from work my Father decided to ‘teach us a lesson’.   He’d bought 3 big stogies.    I can’t remember the brand but they appear big and stinky in my memory.  After turning green and feeling ill for a few hours we’d learned the lesson, and I didn’t smoke again until a friend’s baby was born and they still gave up cigars as tokens of the event.


The Excalibur Cigar and Wine Lounge, located at 8199 Clairemont Mesa Blvd is in an ex-sport bar spot I reported on last year, The Bull Pen Bar & Grill.  I always fear that a business trying to make a go of it in the spot where the priors failed is likely to fail. However, Excalibur is so far removed from the Bull Pen that I’d guess they will succeed.


The lounge in the Excalibur has a similar flavor to my Father’s friend’s house with those same deep rich aromas lingering. They only offer beer and wine but if you are a cigar smoker, there is nowhere better than this place.


The bottom line here is if you’re a smoker of fine tobacco and enjoy a sports package the Excalibur won’t be beaten.  The staff and owners care about service, including offering advice on good tobaccos.    The interior of this place is masculine dream come true.  The games are on so go and enjoy the atmosphere and the game anytime. 


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