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Some Asian places are good but this Star really shines!



Star Bakery1372 3rd Avenue,Chula Vista,CA…


‘Visit us for lunch today! We have Chicken Adobo, Menudo, Mechado, and Lumpias!’

What’s that?  That’s what you may find at Star Bakery inChula Vista.


‘Family owned and operated, Star Bakery serves delicious Filipino baked goods, desserts, snacks, food, and drinks. Stop in to have some wonderful hot Pan de Sal, tasty Turon, scrumptious Cheese Rolls, rich Pan de Ube, sweet Bicho Bicho, mouth-watering Leche Flan, or Pecan Tarts! In the mood for lunch or dinner to go? Create your own combo meal consisting of hot Lumpia, Pansit, Adobo, Menudo, and more! Halo-Halo can be had at Star! Having a party? Star Bakery also offers catering services to help make your celebration complete!’


Top of Form

Estrella & Armando Paguio are the proud owners of Star Bakery and they’re open from 6:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. seven days per week and to look at these hard working citizens you’d think they’re in love with the business.


Cheryl Burke, Tim Lincecum, Rob Schneider, and Cristeta Comerford are just a few of the folks with genetic ties to thePhilippines.  I’m sure some wonder who these people are.  Cheryl is the DWTS pro dancer; Tim is an MBL pitcher for the Giants; Rob is the SNL grad gone to the big screen and now the small one; and Cristeta?  Well she is the chef for The White House.  I know they’d all like to drop in on Estrella & Armando for Abodo or Halo-Halo on a hot summer day.


Star Bakery is the kind of place you can drop in on for some good food seven days per week and know you’ll receive the best in what they do.  The prices are right.  The atmosphere is right.  So even if you dwell in theNorthCounty, pack your bag and get to Star Bakery for some delicious ethnic food be it sweet or savory you’ll find it here.


I suppose it’s just the right thing to do here, to recommend one product as must try. Nancyloves flan so we did the Leche Flan and it is the best!  I also recommend their   Empanadas as just great comfort food.  I had a chicken empanada hot out of the oven and now I’m in love.


I’d give the place 4 thumbs ups on every front:

  • Price
  • Taste
  • Service
  • Availability of product




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