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Normal Heights hosts the Ould Sod – a fine sports bar

Last year I started working as a Sports Bar Examiner.  Just what does that mean?  A simple answer is a contributor to  One who specializes in sports bars within my community.


As a Freelance Contributor I work my community, defined as neighborhoods in San Diegans.  When starting as a Sports Bar Examiner, I figured this job was a snap.   I have discovered clubs contain lots of subtle variations.  Sports Bars can be upscale or dive bars.  They may have themes, like Irish Pubs.


When looking for material to write about, I do preliminary research by looking at Google Earth and following along corridors on their grids which display symbols showing bars and taverns.


Next I’ll Google a place that readers might enjoy visiting.  If it has merit, I’ll plan my trip to take in that place.  I almost never go anywhere anymore without lining up at least 3-4 spots.


The day I bought tires for my van, I ran Google Earth to find this tire shop.  I was pleased to see the Incredible Cheesecake Co.  Bakery goodies 101 or the Incredible Cheesecake Co. was just two doors west of the tire shop and that was on a list of places to Examine.   Likewise I found a true sports bar just down the way, The Ould Sod.  Never a better Irish Pub will ya hope to belly up to the bar in.


Located at3373 Adams Ave, inNormalHeights, The Ould Sod awaits your arrival.  A true sports bar, a better than average dive bar where sports fans can gather and revel in the home team.   The bar began its current incarnation in 1989.  The owners Tommy Quinn, Ron Stout and Mick Ward have brought the luck of the Irish toSan Diegofor sure.


The Ould Sod is a great community oriented business, sponsoring:  Drama Groups;  Pub crawls;   Amnesty International concerts; St. Patrick’s Day parade functions; Bus trips to Petco park and Qualcom; Patron outings to local sporting events;  And they host the annual Marine Corps birthday party in November.


You’ll find no pub grub inside but they don’t mind you bringing in food from outside. They offer plasma flat screens for NFL and college football, baseball, hockey and basketball and any other major sporting events of the day.  You can’t help but admire people who work charitable causes and this bar does more than its fair share.


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